How do you cope with a new 'normal'

It is 3 weeks today since my lovely hubby of nearly 50 years passed away 8 weeks and one day after his formal diagnosis of a GBM4 Glioblastoma Multiforme. How do people cope with having to adjust to a new normal? We did everything together and life seems so empty without him now. I have a very supportive son and daughter-in-law who have been amazing. I break down and cry at the smallest thing, which I know is part of the grieving process. We would have been celebrating our golden wedding anniversary this year and I just miss him so much. Does this feeling of loss ever go away? I get angry as to why it had to be him that had to go through this horrible illness. I feel that there must be something positive that must come out of all of this but am struggling to see what it is. Do others feel the same way?


Sorry you find yourself here. Unfortunately, yes, we all find ourselves struggling but for me at week 10 it is a bit easier. The beginning is hard and what your experiencing is normal, well if any of this is normal.
It’s a hard road we walk and und not a lot make it any better, you just learn to get through each day.


@Jac2 I am truly sorry to read of your loss but there’s little one can say to ease the pain. The loss will always be there, you shared your lives for nearly fifty years and I suspect knew each other much longer. Similarly, my late wife and I missed our Golden Wedding Anniversary by fourteen weeks, barely seven months ago.
In what seems like an instant you have lost your sweetheart, lover, husband, father of your child and likely, your best friend. It’s an impossible void to fill, the pain will lessen but in the meantime, take everyday, each at a time and remember that however you feel, is right for you.
Be kind to yourself, your husband would want that for you.

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I always used to hate the term “new normal” when Keef, my husband would use it but now I seem to be in this place. We were together nearly 44 years and it’s left such a huge hole in my existence which nobody seems to understand. He get rather ill after our final delayed holiday last September to celebrate his retirement, his 60th and our 40th wedding anniversary. He went into hospital on 18th January this year because he couldn’t breathe and left me less than 4 weeks later. He never came home and then I learned that the cancer he’d had over 20 years previously had returned! I hate my life now and really don’t know what to do. I’m sure that I drink too much but it helps to numb the pain I just wish he was still here, 63 was far too young for him to go and I can’t deal with this new “life” I have.