How do you cope.

The end of April my father was taking into hospital and died 12 hours later, six days later I found my mother passed away in there house, they both died of covid. We had a double funeral last week. I’m really not coping, the only memories I can see at the moment are there dead bodies and the funeral.

What a dreadful time for you, we’ ve all heard so much about Covoid but you’ ve experienced the brutal reality of it.
I’m sure you must be in a state of total shock and disbelief. Stiil reeling from your father’s death then you’re mother’s. It would be impossible for anyone to take this in at any time let alone at the moment.
If you can find sombody impartial to talk to it may help you. I say impartial because with the best will in the world a lot of family and friends have no idea what to say to somebody who has experienced sudden losses . Cruse have a telephone helpline and it helped me to talk to somebody about things I couldn’t say to family for fear of upsetting them.
If you go to a counsellor it’s important to find one who really understands grief.
I hope you have somebody to be with at home and that you find some support on this site.
The After Talk website has a lot on good information on it , Dr Niemeyers Q & A on there
helped me a little.
Sadly it’s a terrible time, sometimes all you can do is curl up on the sofa and try to take in what has happened. I’m sorry I can’t help you more.
Warmest wishes, Sadme


Hi Phil, that is so sad to loss both your parents in such a short time and from this dreadful virus. What you are feeling and seeing in your memories is normal and your feelings are double. We never expect things like this to happen and to have it happen twice is to hard for your brain to comprehend. I feel sad and very sorry for you and all that you are going through. Please take your time and take care of yourself because you need to allow your brain to process all that’s happened and yes if you feel counselling will help then Sue Ryder and Cruse are worth considering. Blessings S

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I’m so so sorry for your losses - I lost my mum a month ago. Dad 16 years ago and my sister 5 years ago. You are not alone. Bloody covid. Take care of yourself