How do you cope

My husband of 48 years passed away Monday 21 march
Am just so sad

Of course you are. I understand completely as my husband died last June and we had been married for 54 years. I never knew it would hurt this much, but it does. I have no idea how to get over it, or what to say to help you. All I can say is, writing on this site helps and lots of lovely people write back to try to help. You are not alone. X

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So sorry to hear your sad news. We are all suffering and putting your feelings on here and sharing helps. We are all so sad. Very raw for you. X

It is the most agonising pain and unfortunately we all here understand how you are feeling.
I wish I could say there is a magic pill but there isn’t my partner left me seven weeks ago I no longer shake but the sobbing comes over me in waves and I still have the pain in my heart and anxiety in my stomach.
The advice I took from here was to take one day at a time get through that day the best you can.
I did at one time have really dark thoughts so I am on medication through my GP and receiving counselling with cruse.

I send virtual hugs and I hope the day is kind to you,

Julie :yellow_heart: