How do you keep carrying on.

In April it will be 1 whole year, I haven’t seen or spoken
to my wonderful husband, we were married for
almost 51 years and together 55 years, I was beginning
to cope a bit better, but the nearer I get to the 1 year
the harder it is getting, I cry so much, I feel so lonely,
I have a huge void in my life and only one person
could fill it and he is gone. My dogs are my life at the
moment wouldn’t cope without them, but I miss him
so very much and long to hold him and talk to him
and yes, even argue with him, he was my life, my love
my everything.

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Dear Chrissie1

I wish there were words that I could say that would make the pain go away. It is such a difficult journey that we have to navigate. I am only six months in on a life I do not want. Next weekend is our 39th wedding anniversary and as the date approaches I find I can barely function. I will think of you over the coming weeks. Take care.

Sheila xxx

Dearest Sheila thank you for those words, when you are hurting so much too. We struggle on with this life we now have, we somehow have to survive. Bless you, you will be in my thoughts as you approach your anniversary. Much love Chris xxxxx

Dear Chrissie1

Thank you and take care.

Sheila x

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Chrissie, i cometely get what you are saying. Nobody can take that pain away. I only wished it got easier. I feel so alone too. We had been together 49 years. It is so hard and nothing prepares you for this . It would be good to have a group meeting when lockdown is over. I hope your pain eases. So sorry.

Bubba it is so hard for us all, we carry on as best we can but it is so very hard isn’t it. I agree a group meeting would be some thing to look forward to. Love Chris xxx

Thankyou chris x