How do you memorialize your loved ones in your life?

Hello everyone! I went through the departure of my uncle last autumn. Since I was very close to him, and he was young when he left, I’m still sad during these months. I have read about a theory named ‘continuing theory’ and found it may help me. But I don’t know how to create such bonds, and which ways may be useful. Would anyone like to share your experience on how do you memorialize your loved ones in your life? Is that help to ease the grief ?

Sorry for the mistake I made in the post. It is not ’ continuing theory’. It is ‘continuing bonds’

Hi Xuanyi,

Keeping the memories of your loved ones alive is a very personal thing. There are so many ways of doing this, and only you can decide the best way for you to honour your uncle’s memory. He obviously was an important person in your life.

You mention the ‘continuing bonding theory’ and I had to google this as I had never come across this term, so I cannot comment on how helpful that would be to you.

Many people on this site have written about things they have done in memory of their loved ones. Here are just a few of the things I have read: lighting candles, having a tattoo, having some of the ashes made into a piece of jewellery, planting a tree, having pieces of clothes made into a cushion.
In a tv programme this week someone was talking about making a memory box.

For me personal, I have pictures of my parents under the tv, with a candle next to it. On special days, our family lays flowers on their graves. I also made digital photo albums about their lives. My love for them and the memories of them will forever be in my heart, as your uncle will be in yours.

Yes, I think it does help us in our grief to remember our loved ones in our own special way.


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