How do you move on !x

I keep reading daily about how people deal with grief and can you move on? Im tipping nearly into my second year of loosing the love of my life of 52 year married. We married when i was 16 and i never looked back. I loved him so so much . In April 2019 he was told he had lung cancer with in 7 weeks was gone. My heart was broken because he worked so hard to set a foundation for us to embed our golden year but he’s not here to enjoy it. i i try every day to be strong in every way but why do i. faulter. I dont let none of my family know my feeling as they are so grieving and . miss him so much as others i guess

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I understand what you are saying. My family are trying so hard to include me on walks etc but nothing can fill that empty void when they have gone home and its me and 4 walls. We were on our 49th year. I understand how you feel. Well done for being strong xx