How do you restart life only 53?

Really struggling been 17 months now. Not moved far at all. OK at work things I put on the I’m OK mask but when the zoom or teams or whatever else stops in this virtual world I am lost. I have to do tasks between meetings and really struggling to get the motivation to do them. Have to work can’t afford not to. Where is the relaxation time and fun times I need to recharge gone?


Hi Amander, you sound so similar to me. I’m 56, I lost my husband in January. I’m back at work and function well but in the evenings and at night time I’m so alone. I have no motivation to do anything. I have to force myself to do basic things like housework. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer but I’m here if you want to chat.

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Hi Amander
Sorry for your loss.

I get you. The best thing you done is to find some relief here I am new but learning to chat to others who can read or reply to their pain.
I just blank my negative so I can push every day. I still want him back I still wear his PJs and do anything to remind me that he always want it to be with me.
You done a good step to join this chats. I find it very inspiring.

Thank you all for welcoming me.

I’m 51 and we were starting to have more time as a couple as the children were away at Uni. I just feel so gutted that we won’t get our time together. He deserved to enjoy retirement and now mine will be empty. It just seems so unfair. Sending hugs

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Hi Amander
Its very sad that you feel that you haven’t moved forward in nearly 2 years
.and at a young , you havent any chance of moving forwards .
When members of the members council including governors like myself, are talking about their families and plans I simply out my computer on mute, sometimes for virtually all the meetings

In my voluntary work I feel the same using zoom and you I often have lots of reading to do to prepare for the meeting.
And as you say, we both put our invisible masks on and carry on.
If you look back a,little you may actually find you have moved on, without knowing
Sending a virtual hug. Mr chipps