How do you survive

My fiancé died 6 months ago she’s the only friend I ever had we were best friends for 20 years I am beside myself I can’t function I lost my job because I couldn’t survive the day without alcohol I miss her so much it bloody sucks the only person who could make me better is her. The world is cruel.

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I’m so sorry that you are feeling this awful pain too. Have you thought about counselling? They say that about 6 months afterwards is about the right time to start. Take care

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I can tell you the first thing you need to do it dry out. alcohol is such a depressant! it leaves you so much more depressed the next day.

I and everyone else so understand how you feel. I have lost so much in my life but everyday I am so grateful that I do not drink. if I did, I know it would take me down so far. it really is the end when you drink.

start with that. then slowly you will feel physically so much better. your body is under a lot of stress as it is. you are making it harder on it. after my dad died, I drank but after I lost my mom, I cut all bad habits OUT.

please try. you already lost a job because of alcohol. It might take the rest of you and neither is it any way to honor the years that she spent with you.

the world is cruel. but try not to be cruel to yourself.

I started counselling this week. Thankyou for your kind words.

Thankyou yes I need to try I wish my parents were still here to help.

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Good - I hope that it helps. Sending hugs

may I say not having mine is devastating so I know how you feel. they made all the difference in my life.

some days I am just lucky to have made it another day. though often I do not want to live, tired of it.

so I am in the same boat … but I do not drink. nor smoke. good diet, too. pool summers. I MUST not so you can do same.

p.s. imagine that they were all looking down at you. their fingers are crossed hoping you will be ok.

try to honor their lives by taking care of yourself. otherwise, all of the love and effort that they poured into you, will have been for naught.

don’t let them down!

Thankyou so much