How I laugh...

Those of you who have read other comments of mine will probably know my lovely husband did the food shops. He cooked so well too. Lucky me. I pretty much loathe both those pastimes. Obviously now I need to do both myself. In doing so I find myself wandering aimlessly around the supermarket looking for the same items he bought. I usually find them, eventually. I smile as I go and ask myself why buying the same items, brands etc etc is necessary particularly, as to date, I bring them home, put them away and then when meal times come around I settle, out of lack of interest as well as laziness, for beans on toast or, a jacket potato, or similar. I’ve learned so much about me these past 6 weeks not least that I’m bordering on loopy! At least my beans are ‘Heinz’…every cloud…!!! x

Admit the truth.
Brexit stockpiling. First person I’ve heard admit to it.

Brexit. What’s that? Is that another brand of beans…?

You need to get to Aldi. There only is one brand. It’s OK for posh people to go.

I prefer Lidl these days. Does Lidl extend into Yorkshire. If so, try it.

There’s one in Colne which isn’t far into Lancashire.
I’m campaigning to have them build one of each in Ilkley.

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I have always done the shopping (at Tesco’s), although a Lidl has opened near us in the last couple of weeks. I would not take George with me because he always put things in the trolley that we did not need and I did the cooking as well. I do try to cook if one or both of the kids are home but otherwise my shopping list consists of milk, cereal, prosecco and creme eggs. I did go for a bit of variety yesterday and bought some hot cross buns!!

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I’m laughing out loud. Sounds a decent shop to me Debra! x

I’ve just been working out how many Cadburys fruit and nut wrappers I had managed to get in the kitchen bin, as it needs emptying and there’s nobody else to do it.
If you want a good laugh Mrs Brown’s Boys was brilliant tonight.

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