How I wish I could stop Crying

Hi All, Another weekend nearly over, i hate weekends, its been just over 11 weeks since my beautiful wife off 50 years passed away suddenly, I have a very supportive family, and I read up all about grieving etc, and I understand that I could Grief for a long time to come yet, but I try and go about some sort of normality in my life which seems to work at times but I cannot stop crying so much, I have no control over it, it just comes over me without notice and off I go, which can be embarrassing or inconvenience at times when I am in the middle of people who do not know my circumstances, its getting that bad that I am thinking twice about were and were I go, or even go out.Stay safe x

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Hi, I know how you feel about crying and to be honest I don’t have any answer. I am further down this horrible road and I still have to disappear to the toilet. They say crying is good for you, it does get less but I don’t have any control.
Please don’t stop doing things, just say I am sorry and continue. Try smiling and don’t worry. Look after yourself. S xx

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Hi Mickere,

Must admit I think I hid away for many months, I felt like I cried enough to fill the Thames up 5 times over, I see you was with your lovely wife 50yrs that is an exceptional feat. Being with someone nearly your whole adult life, so many stories and adventures.
I’d imagine it must be very scary too after that amount of years to suddenly be learning to live without your soulmate… You’re only at the beginning of your grieving journey so be proud of yourself for making 11 weeks, also for posting… I hope you find days get less intense with sad emotions and you find the strength to go forward.
Take care my friend I wish you all the best. Stay safe :+1:t2:


People seem to get embarrassed when I cry. For the first few weeks I put a lot of energy and effort into trying not to. I cry more openly now because I can’t stop it but still find myself apologising to people. I think the old habit of wearing mourning would help as people would know and, hopefully, be more understanding.

im still crying a year on after losing my best friend ,my mum, she lived with me after losing my dad .she was a very spritely 93 I feel I have no one left ,I keep hoping that I can get that feeling of a new day but I don’t

Hi Mickere, its 5 years, and 4 months since my lovely wife passed, and I still get upset, Its been worse since last may, that should have been our 60th wedding anniversary. It can start any time, just a memory, or being somewhere we went together. Someone can say something, a song , or just driving along.

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