How life has changed

Losing the love of your life. You come home and look for her. You get a visitor and you expect her to walk in. Life has changed . She had her jobs and I had mine, now they are all mine. I loved cooking for us both. Now I can’t even be bothered to cook for myself. We went on holiday twice a year, don’t even want to think about a holiday, how can I. Sitting here writing this is depressing, all alone with no idea how things will turn out. Still feel I was let down by the Authorities as I think a lot of us are. But we will survive, we will carry on, it’s just a matter of time. They say time is a healer. Move that clock forward because this is unbearable. Good luck to you all x

I feel your deep pain brother! But I like your positive attitude. Yes you will eventually begin to feel a bit better with time, but slowly yes. I do wish you a speedier recovery from the grief that is no doubt exasperated by institutional failures and let downs!!! I have been there… my 32 year old wife died and left me 2 little children aged 5 and 2! It is now 10 years later for me and it indeed does feel a whole lot less painful but the would seems like it will remain with some soreness that pops up from time to time under pressure!

Fully understand your pain. I lost my wonderful husband at New Year, the grief is devastating. It will get better, but slowly, we have to carry on. Life will never be the same as we knew it, , time will help us cope better. I sadly am facing this for a second time. Two special husbands taken so cruelly.
Stay strong and keep going, just wish this terrible pain would ease more quickly for us all. The price of love , I think


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I so mirror and understand, I can’t quantify, explain, describe, and the feelings can or do switch.
From the experience of Parents, sibling, passing the grief was strong but by the equivalent not as intense invasive thoughts process captured. Funny how for a while I escape (thought process to tired), then someone will ask. Bish bosh bang, drawn back in onto the merry go round.