How long does dad have left?

Last Wednesday we were told there’s nothing more they can do for my dad. Since then he has given up. He is so tired, he sleeps a lot, he’s barely eating or drinking. Today he held his pee all day because he can barely walk and lost control of his bladder on the bathroom floor. He’s cold a lot, his skin is mottled.

Mum and dad didn’t want to know from the doctors how long they think he has left, but he’s deteriorated so fast in just a week, it’s like he’s given up/given in and it’s all happening so fast.

I live 40mins away and I’m so scared he will leave without me saying goodbye, I need to be there when it happens. But I just don’t know if the time will be days or weeks or how long? I just don’t know what to do. My heart is breaking


I hear you. My partner deteriorated within a week. It truly is cr@p.
In my opinion -take time off work, stay with your dad, talk to him, tell him all the things you want him to know, tell him you love him, sit in silence with him and just hold his hand…:purple_heart:

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I’m so very sorry, it’s a complete nightmare to experience, I’ve been there with my dad too. :broken_heart::heart: I will echo Scubadolly, take time off work if you can and stay with them now. Don’t take any chances. I called my sibling when I thought it was close, but he still didn’t make it in time. It’s almost impossible to say how long it will take, but it can happen really quickly. You write that you need to be there, so really, you do know what to do. What your heart tells you to do. Go and be with him. Huge hugs. :people_hugging: