How other people react

I was just wondering if anyone else has a friend they thought they could rely on, who said they would be there no matter what but in fact is not there. My friend is so infrequently available to support me - and I am not asking her to listen to endless weeping and wailing but just the occassional phone call when I need contact the most. I am stupidly so hurt, on top of grieving for my sister. I have known this person a very long time so letting go is very hard. I find I miss my sister and then as this friendship gets harder to cope with, miss her more. My sister was my go to person and I sometimes feel no-one is around, especially now this first year is over. Councelling oneself is a good coping stratergy but we all need people at times.


Oh @Viv5

I’m sorry you’re feeling so alone.

I’m lucky that I do have friends and family that care.

Some of them think I should be improving now. But most are still very supportive.

Please keep posting
Were all here fir you x x

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@Viv5 I’ve had the same.
The person I thought most likely to hold me up was a rock in the first two months.
After the funeral I don’t think they knew how to talk to me any more… I felt their approach had changed, that they were different…and I was so upset.
In reality, I think it was me that changed…
And on the other hand, there were people I hardly knew before, who have been there every day if I needed them…
I hope you both find a way back to some sort of friendship…


There is no time scale to grief. I have sometimes wondered if I ‘ought’ to be further along but I am where I am and proper friends know you are doing the best you can. Thank you for your reply x x