how to apologize to the dead

just wondered how anyone else has successfully processed guilt …
or is that at all possible.

do you just live with the wrongdoing you did to your deceased loved ones.

how do you stop it from eating you up alive?


Berit, I am sorry for you feeling guilty. When we are grieving many people feel guilt without knowing why but even if you know exactly why you feel like you do, grief is hard. I don’t think there’s an easy way out but please read others post and you never know something may come into your mind. One thing I have heard of is writing it down on a piece of paper and then setting fire to it whilst saying sorry to that person. What ever I am sending blessings to ease your pain. S xxx

@berit you have to learn to forgive yourself or you will never move forward.
For me it’s faith, it’s not for everyone I know but it works for me.
Look after yourself and give yourself time. :pray::heart:

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thank you :gift_heart:

@berit I’m sorry you feel this way guilt is one of the hardest emotions in grief

I’ve felt it for 25 years in between, sadness and loss and acceptance and no idea !

I find guilt really hard because you can’t turn back the clock and try to put it right - so the closure is left in limbo

That’s the hard part - no closure no apologies no forgiveness for me anyway

Sometimes I say things out loud to the heavens and hope that it reaches up and sometimes I try to be helpful to others with a similar experience so that I pay back on the guilt