How to cope without my best friend..

I’m new to this but am struggling so much.
My best friend died last week. She had a ruptured anuerysm, totally out of the blue. She was only 55. It was so sudden, so unexpected.
I miss her so much.
I have lots of problems in my family and she was who I confided in.
She also had family problems and we were there for each other.
We messaged everyday. We met up regularly. She was also the person I went on holiday with, or out for fun , trying to forget our problems for a bit.
Now I feel alone. Sad, angry!
Yes I have other friends, but none like her.
Any tips on how to cope would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi Kay
Sorry to hear of your loss.
My best friend died in June in hospital and her husband whom she cared for died in March of dementia. They were like family and I spoke with my friend weekly. She was also my sponsor from a 12 step group and the closest person I had been to.
I have to take one day at a time. Unfortunately I am having to make major changes, my advise would be to not make major changes, do things that are good for you ie massage.
I am looking into bereavement counselling to see if that will help. The samaritans also have been great. My friend and husband decided not to have a funeral. I have found ways to celebrate their lives e.g writing poetry, releasing balloons, donating money to a plant a tree in their memory, going for walks and letting the tears come. I also lost my step auntie but not in touch with a toxic mother or step dad so I commerated her life.

It took me a while to start doing the above and we are all different.
Your friends death sounded like a shock. Take it easy.
Thank you for reaching out.
Take care

Hi, Tracy71,

I am sorry that your best friend died, it is awful, my best friend passed away just over 3 years ago, soon after my beloved younger brother passed away. I have mentioned it in a post which I have just written. I feel so sad at her loss, my husband, Stan, passed away about 19 weeks ago, this is the hardest one of all. I am convinced that we shall all meet again when God decides that the time is right. This group is wonderful, I joined after my brother died and I have made many cyber friends.

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Hi Mary thank you hope you are doing well. I have had some memorial ceremonies, my friend requested no funeral . I found out there is a memorial to her and her husband in wrexham crematorium. I hope to visit there after lockdown. I am looking into grief counselling .

Love and best wishes

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