how to cope

were do you start to begin to understand how to cope with losing your husband of 38 years

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My wife died on 12 th August and over the past 108 days I have taken some tentative steps to coping with some things. If you look at the whole thing it’s just so big it looks impossible. It also probably looks slightly different for everyone that is grieving and there are so many variables. Maybe you can identify some things that may be easier to cope with and they may be the things you need to be able to function. Obvious things are food, drink, sleep. If you ask yourself what ‘coping’ would look like then you would have an idea of what to aim for. Having read this forum over a few weeks now it’s clear that different people have different coping strategies although they may not recognise them as such. A very big benefit would be looking for where you can gain support, both physical and psychological. I would suggest you look back on relevant threads on the forum as that may give some pointers.

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Hello Dawne,
Just to add my understanding of how you feel…so so sad for your loss.
Words cannot describe the overwhelming emptiness. I too lost my husband of 38 years. It’s been 13 months since. I’ve only been posting here for over a week but have found the support and individual advice from those who have regretfully gone through such sorrow, so beneficial. I don’t know how to cope with this upside down world …I’ve just sought help through counselling.
You’re in my thoughts, kind regards xx

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