How to cope

I dont know how to cope after my mums death as we all lived together me and my mum and my son . Its so quiet in the house its very hard

I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum, @Kathleen1.

I’m just giving your thread a gentle “bump” - I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support.


My mum has been gone 5 years in June - she lived with my daughter and I.

I struggled to cope terribly (5 months off work and not myself for a couple of years)

Eventually the pain lessened and i started to live life again. Firstly it was for my daughter, then i started to enjoy things again.

Nearly 5 years on and I miss my mum terribly but ive learned to live WITH my grief instead of trying to push it away.

You and your son will get there but it will take time. I never thought i would ‘get over’ my mums sudden death…and i havent.

But i have learned to enjoy life again xx

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By the way my daughter was 12 at time ( now 17) and my mum was 74 and loving life :heart: