How to deal with my family

My parents are telling me to move on and get over it and my brother has stopped talking to me and my husband is only been dead 3 weeks and I am the one that walked up on him and found him dead


Hi @Stahl2023_p

I am so sorry for your loss… it is very early days for you so be gentle & kind with yourself as you slowly move forward. Do not let anyone tell you how to grieve, we are all unique and we all have to do it in our own time and way.

It sounds like your family don’t understand, have never been through such a big loss/shock themselves or just don’t know how to deal with it. I hope you can seek some comfort from friends or support groups. Sometimes it’s people who you least expect that step up and stand by you in such hard times.

Bigs hugs x


@Stahl2023_p that is unbelievable my love . At three weeks you must still be in deep shock . They sound very inconsiderate people . I am so sorry . We will all support you on this site . Ignore them . Grieve in your own time

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