How to help others during 'anniversaries'

I have decided that on the days like birthdays, Christmas, the date they died etc I shall have a Pay It Forward day in my beloved husband’s honour. I shall do some kind deed for someone to help make their life kinder or easier. It will honour the kindness Mike always gave to the world and if it makes the world a better place it can only be good.


Hi. Jean. What a lovely suggestion and how kind. We can pay back some of the love we had and help others through their pain. After all, we all know what suffering really means. So often it’s the small things that help.
Blessings. John.

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Hi Jean --what a lovely idea --David passed on a Wednesday and your post has made me decide to honour him on this day each week by doing something nice for someone else as he was such a kind man and so I will make Wednesday David Day from now and change it into a positive day instead of a day that I have dreaded each week. Thankyou for your post as it has helped to look at the dreaded Wednesday in a different light x :sunflower:


Now that’s wonderful, isn’t it? This site is all about sharing and helping. Here we have a living example of how a post can change one’s mind or even introduce new ideas. It’s all so positive and a treat to read. Thank you all. John.

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That’s a wonderful idea Jean. I can confirm that it really does help us.
When I was out walking with the dogs after Brian died I had my head down, I didn’t want to acknowledge other people. Then a woman asked me why I was always walking like this (she didn’t know I had lost my husband). After that I decided to hold my head up and to acknowledge at least three people every morning with a smile, a wave or a simple good morning. This really helped me because I was smiling more often. Now there is so many people that stop to chat or wave to me on my walks and it more than exceeds the three I intended.
I couldn’t agree more with John and with people like you Jean we can look forward to having a comforting and supportive forum.

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What a lovely and inspiring post Jean. Both my sweet younger Sister and my beloved Mum (both of whom I lost to cancer) were shining examples of hope and positivity. Even through their illness, they remained concerned for others. I shall never forget my selfless little Sister asking me if I was OK, when it was she who was battling the dreaded cancer. Now each time we “play it forward” by lifting someone else, we are honouring our loved ones. And isn’t that what many of us do here, by offering words of kindness and compassion to our fellow grievers, even in our own time of loss? We needed an uplifting post like yours Jean, to remind us of that. Thank you. Xxxx

What a lovely idea I think I will do the same