How to I greave?

Im 29 and lost my dad to cancer 4 months ago. At the end it was so tough to see once the strongest man i ever known so weak and broken. He was my hero and i feel like ive let him down as i wasnt able to make it in time to be with him in his last moment. I replay it over and over and some days i struggle to get out of bed but i do cause i have a 2 year old daughter who doesnt understand. I dont feel like ove greaved for my dad yet as ive tried to stay so strong for my mom. But we arent allowed to talk about him as it upsets her too much. Everyone comments how amazing i am doing and being so strong and upbeat and i just carry on. But inside i feel like im dying. All i want to do more then anything in the world is to hear his voice or see his face. When i do cry i feel like im never going to stop. Im struggling so much to cope. I dont know if talking to someone will help cause it wont bring him back.

Hi, I can’t really offer any advice but just know you are not alone. I lost my Dad last year and I know exactly how you feel, my son was 3 when my Dad died and telling him and the continuous questions and demands for him to come back are killing me. I would say to try and speak to someone, I didn’t get counselling but I now wish I had. I keep getting told how strong I am and I’m doing great but I don’t feel like I am, I’m just a good actor at times. I feel like screaming what about me, someone give me a hug (because that’s exactly what my Dad would have done).

Just think of your daughter as she needs you and she will get you through each day, sending hugs and lots of love xx

Hi you take it day by day reach out to your gp(medication can help it helps me .Try and have some me time away from your nightmare .Do your best looking after your daughter/Keep coming back here weve all lost loved ones on this site.Some will try and help Colin