How to make memories early days

I just thought I’d share a idea that I’m find others have said they wished they had thought about doing … We spend so much money on funeral flowers that after my nana and grandads I have taken a few flowers and foliage home. Dried out and pressed then put into a frame to keep. Just another way of keeping busy in their memory. Doing something for them. Remembering again. Not all flowers worked some went mouldy but I found the green foliage and those without soft petals have lasted. It’s only been three months since Nana’s and a week since grandads so not sure how long they will last for but for now. It’s another comfort.! I have also bought baubles for them for my Christmas tree FB_IMG_7250675680422000361|281x500


HI Rhi3
What a lovely idea. Your Nana and Granddad will be very proud of you. Thankyou for sharing it with us.


This is a wonderful idea. I have ordered a comfort bear. The bear will be made out of my Dad’s favourite shirt. My daughter found a local supplier and ordered one. Her ‘Bampa Bear’ features both his name and date he passed away, embroidered on his feet pads. I think this is a wonderful way to remember those we have lost. A very personal reminder.

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I did this also. I didn’t have a good experience with it. I hope yours turn out better :weary: