How to process grief?????

Does anyone else find living with grief like living a dual life??? When I lost my husband suddenly I was devastated, grief hit me so hard I just couldn’t cope and eventually attempted suicide and ended up in hospital for a while, then counselling etc. life went forward, and I’m really glad to be here now, even though I miss my husband terribly I have …sort of learned how to manage my grief. Life has been kind to me and unbelievably has given me someone else to share my days with, laugh with and love. My life has completely changed over the last few years but the only way I have learned to carry my grief so I can function is to try my very hardest to keep it pushed down, I run from it as fast as I can because it is just so painful to contemplate even now. I can think about all the amazing years we had together, how much we loved one another, all our happy times, but I still can’t allow myself time to think about that time of losing him. I don’t know wether ignoring it is healthy, but at the moment it works for me. I’m not sure that it will ever go, if I’ll ever except it, even though I totally love the person I am with now, I still can’t process my grief x


I am glad that you found someone to share your life with and it seems that he understands what you are going through and supports you. I wanted to go to Switzerland after my beloved husband died suddenly over a year ago but my strong belief helped me to carry on so far. I am on my own, and not very healthy but I do not give up so easily - I want my husband to be proud of me and I still can feel that my Philmore is still around me. Sending love and hugs.

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