How to release my grief

My father died on Wednesday, four weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Apart from a few tears when I was informed of his death, I have been unable to release my grief. I feel really sad and low, but I just can’t cry. I lost my husband unexpectedly at the end of February last year and cried so much, that to become a functioning person again I had to lock my feelings down tightly and now I can’t release them. My brother and I will be going to the Chapel on Friday to say our final goodbye to Dad, as he didn’t want a funeral.

@ValerieT Grief is different for everyone. The dam might burst when you visit the chapel of rest or in 3 months from now when you’re wandering around Sainsbury’s. Maybe when you suppressed your grief after your husband’s passing, you’re preventing yourself from breaking down this time. We do all kinds of things to protect ourselves after a loss so don’t feel bad that you’re not releasing emotions in the way you think you should.

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