How will I cope?

My beautiful daughter, aged 22, died on November 5th. She had a rare genetic disease and she battled to stay with us because she loved life and loved her family but was severely disabled and lost the battle 5 weeks ago. I am heartbroken and don’t know how I’ll get through Christmas as she loved this time of year.

I can understand just how you are feeling,I’ve just lost my son he was forty three but looked and acted like a twenty year old he had so much fun and zest for life you were never bored in his company…everything seems so quiet now without him…he was always popping in to see us and now everything is so empty, like your daughter Christmas was his favourite time of year we went to his flat yesterday and there were all the Christmas cards he had already bought special ones for Mum and Dad and for his brother and wife…I think sometimes it helps to know that others are grieving for loved ones too…Take care Marina2 xx

My lovely and talented daughter died last night. She was 47 and had only been ill for a month. She was diagnosed with cancer of the lung under 2 weeks ago, and last night she stopped breathing. I am her sole parent and do not know how I will bear the grief.

I am so sorry… I lost my son three weeks ago so I know the grief and despair you are feeling.I can’t give any words of comfort but I can think of you…It has helped me immensely to come on this forum knowing that we are not the only ones that have lost our child and the emotions we are all feeling are the same. xx

I feel as though I can’t bear it. I am 74. My daughter was born on New Years Eve. Our plans for Christmas and birthday seem so cynical now. The pain is unbearabel

Dear Marina, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m learning over these past few weeks since Becky died to take each day as it comes and some days are a little better than others because of distractions. We have to be kind to ourselves and let our friends and family take care of us while we try to manage each day. The loved ones we have lost, as everyone keeps telling me, will always be in our hearts and walk beside us every day. I hope you can enjoy Christmas and enjoy it for your son as I will for my daughter. Xx

I’m so very sorry for your loss rose. Do you have friends and family that can offer some comfort and help you? I have found the support from others very comforting especially from my sister. Do take care of yourself xx

I do, thank you Cinders. I am just too shattered to turn to them. I know that in due course I will be glad of their support. Thank you for thinking of me