How will I ever cope

Last week I was so angry I kicked the couch…thought I’d broken my toe but not sure. At any rate it was really sore for a week and bruised. Won’t do that again.
So you did well to only throw a pen. Much more sensible.

On anger, I think it’ll just come out at points, sometimes when least expected and quite often at fairly innocent things too.

I went out to pick up D’s best friend from the train station and could barely control my rage as I saw people out on their Christmas night out. It was sort of ‘how dare they?’ - it’s irrational I know.

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Yes, was picking up D from train after her work late last night.
Full of people without a care in the world. I sobbed in the car until she got off the train then had to keep it together. She already worries about me so I need to keep that in check.