After 3yrs losing the love of my life after 55yrs of marriage it still hits me all the time . It doesn’t go away it doesn’t get better you just learn to live and function for your family not wanting them to go through the same pain.
If sometimes i could stop the memories and things that bring the pain back but I can’t . I know all the platitudes , all the counselling advise but it doesn’t help . The tears come, that tight awful feeling in your chest that nearly stops you breathing !
I also lost my daughter-in-law to cancer my brother in a hit and run and Mother and Father in the space of three years ! How do you cope with it, I am finding it more difficult now more than ever .

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Hi Trisha
I just wanted to acknowledge you and say how sorry I am for your loss and your pain.
I lost my Dad so suddenly 8 days ago and I am heartbroken.
He left behind his wife,my mum of 52 years and I know we have tough times ahead.
I hope someone can offer you some advice but know you are not alone xx

So sorry for all your losses…life is inexplicably hard and all we can do is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust that we are going forwards even if it feels exactly the opposite. There is another thread called Never ending which might help you a little…please take care x

No one can prepare you for the pain of losing a loved one, the waves of emotions are so strong sometimes, everyone deals with grief in their own way, you certainly can’t put a time frame on how long anyone should be grieving as I feel now after losing my mum in July this year I never want to stop grieving for her because it helps me still feel close to her, I miss her so much I still feel so lost and although I have support from family members I still feel alone sometimes with my emotions, I just take one day at a time, still waiting for counselling to see if that will help me