Huge Los

Hi I’m Maria, I took care of my Sister for over 40 years “ not paid career” just saying * 2018 she passed away under awful circumstances beyond my control * It came 2, light my husband crossed family lines “ In a few hours after I had 2, ask him 2, leave and a nightmare unfolded * I honestly never felt physical pain as well as emotional and I am getting no better. I have hardly been outside the house “” which will have 2,be sold next year . I miss my Sister I’m
trying hard 2, be (normal?) Sorry for being a drain . What is left of my family live in Ireland they are very united and quite prim and proper. My husband is no longer some one respected ! So my marriage suddenly ending fees strangely like a further bereavement. After 40 years + loving and looking after my Sister I couldn’t go 2, her funeral.
There has been three more deaths in the family … What do you do I can’t go into shops the music makes me cry . Aw I should stop moaning there’s awful things happening. Peace and Love and Prayers :pray::pray::pray:

You’re not being a drain and you’re not moaning! Have you spoken to your doctor at all about how you are feeling? It’s good you have reached out on here. We are all here to listen and support each other through the hard times we are facing.
Hugs to you,
Nic xxx