Hurt and Angry

My mom passed away last September after being diagnosed with stage 4 secondary cancer 18 months before. At first I felt relief as she was suffering so much, but now I am SO angry, why didn’t her body give her any signs before it was too late, how did she not know something wasn’t right. I miss her so much, all I want is 5 more minutes with her. Everyday I would send her dozens of messages and she’d laugh away, facetime, phone calls, I feel so empty missing that piece of me, I’d do anything to have just a few minutes again.


Hi, I understand completely as my Mum died suddenly and unexpectedly six months ago. Her postmortem revealed that she had metastatic pancreatic cancer that had spread to her liver. This was a huge shock as she hadn’t been to her doctors so nobody knew. I have agonised for many hours about this, wondering if she knew something wasn’t right and was just in denial. None of the family ever witnessed her in pain or discomfort in the months and weeks leading up to her death. Anger, regret and every other emotion is part of grief. In the end you have to stop torturing yourself because you can’t change what happened, the only way is forwards. If you could have five seconds, five minutes, five hours, days or weeks it wouldn’t be enough because however long, you’d never want to say goodbye. It’s heartbreaking, but time will help you to accept your loss and manage the pain. Best wishes and condolences to you…xx

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My heart goes out to you. I lost my amazing step dad who i was very close too a month ago and i am the same. Am so angry. It was 2 weeks been told he had cancer of the liver and they dont know where the primary was. He wasnt poorly, he had a stomach bug and then his leg was painful. We took him to hospital for his leg. Our lives shattered into a million pieces when they told us he legions on his liver. But we hoped that some treatment. Week later he had a bad infection and we had take him back to hospital where this vile consultant (no empathy of sympathy) tells us and my step dad that he only had weeks rather than months. He was gone a week later :broken_heart::broken_heart:. My mam is broken beyond repair and i cant function. I miss him so much. Sending love as the pain is unreal

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