Hurting a lot

Hi all want to send hugs to you all , I know it is hard for us all , and I am sorry to say this but I am finding it very hard to bring the new year in with out my mum . So all I can to is drink and I hope i get some sleep . Just wish it would all go away . Thinking you all at this time. Xx

Hi, yes it’s not the best of times, Christmas and New Year makes us remember and when it’s recent it’s harder. Drinking alone sounds bad but to be truthful it’s better than being in company who don’t understand how you are feeling. Yes, I let the New Year in by myself but with my cat for company. I still can’t pluck up the courage to be in company.
Now it’s all over and life will go back to what one can call normal and an added bonus is the suns come out. Always makes me feel better.
Love and blessings for a happier New Year.

Bless you Susie 123 sending hug back.

I lost my mum on 28/12. Massive shock. Came out of nowhere. I have 3 siblings and we are all devastated.
I drank whole bottle off whisky to myself that day.
Ive not really drank since. I was ok’ish for 2 days and then all day yesterday I was beside myself. I totally understand the pain of thinking about bringing in the new year without her.
I feel empty and miserable.
Hugs back

Ollydon, thank you for your message it is hitting more as Well. Because on Thursday it my mum’s first Anniversary of her death , I have 3 siblings but only 2 alive . People keep say it gets easier but in my heart it never will . it is right what they say your mother is your best freind my mum was my everthing. She was there always for even if it was small thing . Big hug .

Someone much older than me told me than losing your mum is the worst loss. Im not comparing losses with anyone as all losses are individual to that person but this is the worst loss ever to me. Im trying to be ok for my husband and my kids but I cant. I understand xx

I can empathise. I went to bits at 10.30pm whilst trying to go to sleep. Ended up writing a lot of angry words in my journal. I’ve been weepy and angry all day today. Not fair on my family… Mum and I argued too. Dad went 10.5months ago. Feels like yesterday.

Thank you ollydon.

Trigger, so get you. Massive hugs to you. I lost my mother late November last year. Hurts like hell, but also feel numb. I also feel alone even though my husband has been a rock and supported me through this. Both of us are registered nurses but no amount of training prepared us for this.

I personally don’t think it matters who goes but it’s the relationship you have with them, a soul mate. I know that may sound a bit off beat but I believe that we have soul mates who are extremely special to us, even if we don’t know it when we are close to that person but when they leave that’s different. When my mum went I felt that’s was that, but my dad was different and now how I feel after my main soul mate left.The pain is hard to take some days.
I heard the other week, don’t get on the anniversary train which may work for some. They were saying that by remembering each special day you only make yourself more vulnerable but if you are already on it, then I personally don’t know how you get of it, I did try.
I suppose what I am saying is if something works for you then great.
You have to look, see and try. Life after your love one goes can never be anything else only hard and we have to find our own way through the pain and always hoping that the pain will subside after a time.
Take care of yourselves, each and everyone.

Sending hug x