husband passed away

my husband passed away this morning 19 /1 2024.i am dvastated


Hi there . Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss . No-one will have any idea how low you are feeling or the words of comfort . You are not alone although today that may seem unimaginable. It is a dark day for you but it will get lighter. My heart felt thoughts are with you and all who greave for a lost loved one . It will be tuff but you will learn to cope as i have had to do . I wish you all the very best !! X


Dear lucycat, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.


Sorry for your loss, that was me 8 weeks ago


@lucycat I am so sorry for your loss, and know, despite knowing that it was inevitable, how crushing that moment can be, for me it like being hit by a train, even though my wife had been unconscious for 3 days and in the hospice for 4 weeks.
Please look after yourself and whatever you are feeling you will have support and comfort on here.

Small steps, one moment at a time.

Take care…Pete


@lucycat I’m so sorry for your loss. It was me 16 weeks ago.

There is a section on the forum called losing a partner and you will find lots of support and comforting words there.

Sending you a hug


So so sorry for your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you ,you supported here anytime xxx


I’m so sorry. You’ll be in shock and feeling numb. Take your time and be kind to yourself.

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@lucycat Sorry to hear your news. I read some of your previous posts. I can’t say anything other than you’re not alone. The first days are the worst as you process the worst. If eating becomes a chore thru grief, little & often is best thru the day. Take care.

thank you for your kind words

thank you so much

thank you so much

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thank you for your kind message

thank you it is like being in a dream

i will but it is difficult,thank you

So very sorry. Take care of yourself.

@lucycat sorry for your loss, :sob:

that was me 4 weeks ago take care

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Im so sorry for your loss, lucycat, I send my thoughts and deepest sympathy at this really sad time, ive been where you are, 18 months ago, losing my Husband, too, please look after yourself, accept all the help you can get, take Care, xx

I’m so sorry for your loss lucycat my thoughts are with you at this very sad time that was me 9 months ago and this site is helping me and lots of other people you take great care of yourself