Husband says I should snap out of it 😥

Lost my baby last may ( day before my birthday) he was an identical twin born at 27 weeks. I nearly died myself. It’s been alot but at times I don’t cope well. It’s still very raw. We’ve 2 other boys 6 and 4 plus the other twin. I try to keep optimistic for the boys but at times I just get a bit overwhelmed by it all. Hubby has the get on with it attitude but at times I just can’t. I feel like I just keeping ng my head afloat at times. He’s quite critical of me and always turns it on himself like I taking all the grief and owning it myself. I understand we just try and cope the best and try and find our way. But I just don’t get the support I need from him. I feel like our marriage is breaking down

I’m sorry for your loss Rosebud. I have never had a child have just been a caring auntie. I lost my husband recently so I do understand loss. Talk to a counsellor or a family member you can trust about the way you feel. Don’t bottle up your emotions. God will hold him in his arms and you will see him again. Take care x


Rosebud, it’s heartbreaking to have lost a little one and it’s different for women because we carry that baby inside us, part of us. I would like you to consider getting help, it’s hard in your position and there is help out there. Do not let it affect your marriage to the point of breakdown. Please consider it at least. There are two that deal with the loss of babies that would like to recommend and then the others are counselling in general. Take care and look after yourself. S xx

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