Hi I am new to this group I lost my husband to cancer in February 2020 not just my husband but my best friend and soul mate we were married for 39 years I feel totally empty and i lost a piece of my heart when he passed I am still very emotional and cry most days I have had to deal with the 1st of our anniversary a birthday and Christmas which was very hard for me and now coming up to a year since he passed I have had counselling and waiting to have some more I just seem to relieve the time my husband was sick I don’t sleep too well sometimes not at all I just miss him so much


So sorry for your loss. 9 months for me I feel as though I’m going backwards sleep or lack of is exhausting . Sending love x

Hi Kim5 yes sleep is a problem sorry for your loss sending a hug for you I am like you feel I take two steps forward and ten back x

Hi Julie. Same for me. I’m 7 months on and every day seems harder to get through. My hubby and I were also best friends. Big hugs as I know what you’re going through. X

Hi Julie
I’m sorry about your loss I feel everything you’re going through aswell It’s 9 months for me My husband died last April and we were married 43 years It also gets harder for me as time goes on
How would I expect it to get easier ? I don’t know
Would I want to not think about him or forget him or our memories?of course not I find if I just keep the thoughts of him in my mind but not go into them in any detail I can get through some of the day If I think too deeply then the tears start
Have you tried writing a journal ? I’ve found it helpful to get my feelings down on paper especially now with all the restrictions and we can’t meet anyone
My husband died during the first lockdown and I had so much I wanted to say about him and how I felt and there was no one to say it to I also talk to him all the time as though he is here with me that helps aswell
Thinking of you. Take care
Christine x

Hi thank you for your kind words I also have tried different techniques but like you it’s so hard have you had any counselling? I am waiting for my second session and I felt it did help it is ok to have bad days even though you feel everyday is a bad day but for me it’s just baby steps try not to be to hard on yourself I find just getting up in the morning getting dressed is a positive for me sending you a big hug hear to speak to you anytime including the night x