Husbands death, first grandchilds birth

I lost my husband on 29th December 2023, and im still crying every single day. Im so lost without him, and miss him so, so much. My daughter has just given us sorry me, the first grand child. Exactly 1 month after her dad’s death, and added her dads name to his name. Every time i pick the baby up i just fill up and want to sob. I know my husband would have loved him so much. I do. Im really struggling with every day tasks. Ive got to sort finances and things out, but i feel sometimes im being rushed into doing things.


Hi @JUE72 so sorry for your loss and also congratulations on your new grandson. I’m 21 weeks into this shit show of a journey and still struggle with how much you have to deal with whilst it’s a struggle just to get out of bed some days. I did the probate wrong as I found the forms so confusing I struggle to concentrate. Hopefully you have someone to help you sort things out and to support you.

I forgot about probate and now have to go through getting that sorted, on top of everything else. Don’t even know where to start with that. . No one ever prepares you for all the crap you have to deal with and never make it easy for you while you can not concentrate on anything. Im not a mentally challenged person, but feel it with all the forms.

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I’m trying to do it without a solicitor, it’s too expensive. I’m doing it through government website. If that’s any help to you? I don’t think people realise how much there is to sort through and it’s so much harder when you can’t focus and concentrate properly.

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Our daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild when my husband died unexpectedly in May last year. I am same as you when i hold her i think how he would have loved her . He was so looking forward to being a grandad. It breaks my heart.

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I really do know what you mean. My grandson is now 2 weeks old and love him to bits, but still have a cry now and then as i know what a fabulous grandad my husband would have been. Itvis so heart breaking :broken_heart: