I am feeling more at ease

So it will be 16 wks on monday since my partner passed away
Although i think about him every single day I am now starting to feel a bit more at ease hardly any tears at first i thought i wouldnt be able to cope and live here away from my family but i have good friends and i have just started doing the body shop at home so been keeping busy
I wish things were different like we all do on here but i cannot change things i dont know if i feel like this already because of how he left me i loved him still despite what he did and i know he loved me and didnt want to be that way but i feel at peace at the moment so i will take that for now xx

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I am so pleased for you, Fg15, I really hope that you continue to feel as you do. x

Thank you i know there are going to be many difficult days ahead still but at the moment im doing ok xx

You are very welcome, I really really hope that it continues, I know I have already said this, stay safe.

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Hi. Fg15. Thanks be to God!!! A positive post and a very welcome one. Not only do you appreciate how you feel now, but also accept there may be difficult times ahead. Being philosophical is not at all easy in grief, almost impossible.
But that dim light does get brighter and may allow us to think more clearly.
A day at at a time is still good advice.
Thank you and Blessings. John.