I am home

Like most of you I was dreading this Christmas, it is the first one without my husband. Our daughter collected me and took me to their house on Christmas Eve day. She and our son-in-law made me very welcome, on Christmas Day all of us were invited by our grandson and his partner, to Christmas dinner. I nearly cracked when I spotted a huge photograph of Stan holding baby Jonty, which was a beautiful present to our grandson. His partner told us that K had cried and cried when he opened it, I was pleased to hear this, not that I wanted him to cry, BUT it was a release for him. Stan and him were more than grandad and grandson, they were good friends.
We were quite tearful when we saw the photograph however, we had a delicious Christmas Dinner the baby is a delight, he is such a pleasant little chappie, he seemed to know that he had to be entertaining. He is only 16 months old I am so proud to be his great grandma, he stayed with us for the whole day on Boxing Day. so all in all Christmas passed pleasantly. Like most of you I am pleased to be home, all the best for the New Year,
Love, MaryL

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Mary I am so pleased that you had a nice time with your thoughtful family. You got through the day that so many of us was dreading but now it’s gone by and we have to get on with living. I am sure you all felt Stan with you and your family as he was obviously much loved.
God bless
Pat xxx