I am just so lonely and frightened...

Coming up to Christmas and it fills me with dread as i think back to our ( mine and Richards ) Christmases…how alone and helpless i am going to be now all alone without him…We always just celebrated it together and our dogs, that’s all we ever needed, just the two of us, our same routine from opening our presents to getting our Christmas dinner…No wonder so many who are left just wilt away and die after their loved one has gone, yes morbid maybe, but a reality here in UK…


Dear Jackie. I am wishing you all the strength in the world to live on. I know we have lost our anchor and our soulmate. The one person we could depend on. Now in their memory we have to take on that mantle and we have to depend on ourselves. It’s exhausting , I know, but please do not give up on yourself x i read your posts and know how desperately sad and lonely you feel. I hope you can find a way to find comfort, and one day feel contentment again. Sending a big hug and hope you have at least a few minutes today where you can feel strong and able to be independent. I relied so much on my husband…,.im taking life ten mins at a time. But every time I manage to do something he would have done for me I get a little stronger. Take care. Liz x

Dear Jackie I read your posts with tears in my eyes oh how I wish I lived near to you and could pop round and give you big hug and help you anyway I could,
I feel so lonely too and I have family around but the loneliness comes from not having my soulmate here by my side to talk to,
Please don’t give up Jackie this time of year certainly does not help I’m finding it unbearable at times crying whenever I’m on my own do come on here chat to us we are here for you
Take care xxxxxx. Linda x

Somehow, we need to try and anchor ourselves, whilst also grieving. Our loved ones would want the best for us. We need to hold on until it gets better. It will take time and we will always miss them. We were lucky to have them in our lives. And blessed that they loved us, as we did them.

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