I am lost

I lost my brother on 24th November from lung cancer after only being unwell for eight weeks. Chris was my world he help me through the lose of our mum from dementia through covid. Six oclock ever evening he phoned me. When six oclock comes so do the tears. I am lost never felt so alone in my life. Everyone around me and still feel alone. I relive each moment of the day I saud goodbye. When will thus sadness end :broken_heart:

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It takes time but it will feel lighter. We never stop missing our siblings even if some of the weight of their loss eases x x


Hi mal27 , I lost my twin sister in December 2020 to breast cancer , like your self I’m lost it doesn’t get any better we have to try and make it better , it takes time , the first 12 months I kept my emotions to myself then I had a breakdown i had to have time off work , I’ve had counselling which as helped a lot , as you do talk to a stranger and you can tell them everything how you feeling , I do go to the cemetery that makes me feel better as I can talk to her , don’t sit in silence we are all on here to talk to each other. Maria


Hi Maria thank you for your message sorry fir the loss of your sister it must have been an awful time for you. I try each day and sometimes I think I am getting there and something could be music a memory and feel back yo square one. We have scattered Chris’s ashes with my mum, my dad in my brothers garden and I have some which I am not ready to let go of and my younger brother had a necklace made for me that I wear everyday so I feel close to him. I talk to Chris everyday especially when I am out with my dog Chris loved being outside I have so many memories they overwhelm me at times like everything crowding in on me. It will take time I know tears flowing ad I write this and I cant stop them

Hi mal , I’m the same when her favourite songs come on , when we had family parties her song would come on which was proud Mary she would get up and dance to it , we also had that song played at her funeral , she loved flowers , sunflowers , poppies , daffodils, Claire was was the out going one , I just stood back , im 10min older , Claire had a family husband and a son she lost her husband to t tumour he was 35 , maria

Hi Maria my brothers favourite was Bob Dylan Reckless Farewell which was played at his funeral. And also played he Aint Heavy he’s my Brother, cant watch Last Of the Summer Wine theme tune played at his funeral. Chris was an amazing photographer so each day a memory comes up on FaceBook some make me sad others make me smile. Today was a beautiful robin. You sister sounds an amazing person Chris was three years older and always told me he would be 72 when he passed away and he was. Take care of yourself Mary is watching over you x