I bought my husband a gift...

This is really going to sound crazy so I’ll say it quietly - I bought my husband a gift yesterday! There - I’ve said it. I saw it in the shop and just couldn’t resist it. It’s a book entitled ‘To my fabulous Man’. My eyes were drawn to it immediately I entered the shop. The book is full of one liners about love but all still so very relevant. As if the title wasn’t enough, the blurb on the back sold it to me even more:
’ it’s about wanting him - his voice, his breath, his strength, his kisses, his touch.’
Pretty much sums it up…

‘Sleep in the ordinary way impossible because he intrudes…’

‘In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything and two minus one equals nothing’

‘I need your love as a touchstone of my existence. It is the sun which breathes life into me.’

‘Wherever I am, my heart is with you my love. The river cannot keep me from you. In my mind’s eye, I see always you, my love. Nothing can divide us, one from one. My heart sings for you, my only love.’

As I say I couldn’t resist it. So, my friends, have I completely lost the plot? Or am I just still so madly in love with my man?



My goodness Kate, how wonderful. Yes, it does sum it up. He will appreciate a present to show your never ending love. He is still there Kate, just as is my wife. There is no such thing as chance. You saw the book and wanted it. Synchronicity, meaningful coincidences. It was waiting for you.
YOU lost the plot? Never. It’s a heartfelt outpouring of a love that will never fade or diminish. I must say, those quotes got me going. I’m nearly in tears and I won’t be the only one. Thank you so much Kate. As always you brighten the day. Bless you.


Love this post. Really cheered me up after a week of feeling so down. Such lovely quotes.
Love Julie xx


Dearest Kate, my question is - how could you possibly not buy this book once seen??? I hadn’t known such a book existed. I would say with hand on my heart that you remain truly madly in love with David.
I am drawn to the arithmetic of love…sums up how I feel today …nothing … without my fabulous man, who had to leave me 20 months ago this morning. He slipped away so silently but left all of his love, his legacy to me, tucked up safely in my heart.
So Crazy Kate, please continue to share with us, your kindred spirits, love to you and everyone today, xxx


Kate, how wonderful. Now you’ve set me off, I’m crying. Such lovely words I would have most certainly purchased that book and will be looking for it myself.
The arithmetic of love really got to me. I’m going to write it down on a card and put it where Brian’s ashes are. Sums it up.
Have you lost the plot you ask us, well if you have there are many more of us about to join you. All madly in love.

Pat xxx

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I am keeping, hanging onto ( I dont know why as I can never use it, nor will anyone else ) but i bought Richard a Liz Earle shaving kit in a zipped wash-bag for Christmas, he passed away 11th April, and although he never got to use it, it will sit there in his now empty bedroom, it just breaks my heart to know he is never coming back, he will never get to use it…I truly dont want to ever have to part with it…


…apologies, i never saw the poetic words you had written that came from your book…
" one plus one equals everything and two minus one equals nothing…"
…yes this sentence just sums us up perfectly of our now loss and emptiness…

Oh you wonderful people, I knew you’d understand. Thank you everyone for your kind and lovely responses. Jonathan, you truly are a treasure. Pat, the book is written by Helen Exley so do buy it. Julie, I’m so pleased you felt cheered by my post. Rainbow, it’s so good to hear from you. Jackie, don’t ever part with your darling man’s shaving kit.

Incidentally, it’s 2 years tomorrow since my fabulous man left this earth, so perhaps the gift book was meant to be. Xx

Hi Kate

Thanks so much for sharing. A beautiful book - such lovely words. Just ordered it from EBay.

Yvonne x

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That’s great Yvonne. You won’t be disappointed and you will relate to every word. If only we could present it to our husbands for real. In a strange way it’s made me feel good about buying a gift for him. I hope you get comfort from it too. Xx

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