I can’t breath it hurts so much

We’ve just had dads cremation yesterday, we had to wait nearly 5 weeks after he passed because of the coroners, I feel like I’m drowning in grief, I’m being overly protective over my mum, husband and children, I’m having major panic attacks when I step out of the door and I can’t stop crying, topped with the fact that I can’t eat or sleep I feel as though I’m going to be headed for a breakdown,

Dear Stacey75,

Sorry you feel like you are drowning in grief at the moment. Yesterday must have been a very difficult and emotional day. I remember how I felt the days after my parents’ funerals. The days leading up to it can be so full with practical things that need to be arranged that there is hardly time to grieve, and then al of a sudden reality hits and emotions can overwhelm us. Losing a parent is a life changing event and it hurts. Sometimes we try to be strong and help everyone else, but forget ourselves. Is there anyone you can talk to about how you feel? Maybe a good friend?
I know it is hard, but it is important that you make yourself eat, get enough fluids in and try to get some sleep when you can. Do try to find help for your anxiety and panic attacks, either on the NHS website or through your GP. Sometimes just doing some simple breathing exercises can help.
Thinking of you and sending you a big virtual hug. xx Jo