I can’t cope

I lost my brother in April 2021. I miss him so much and it is getting worse . I thought time was supposed to make it easier but it’s not working . I want to talk about him but my family won’t as it makes me cry, so I go into my room where I cry alone. I still struggle to accept I will never see him again.

Hello, I am sorry that you lost your brother and I understand that it is said that time is a healer. That saying doesn’t take into account the amount of love you shared with your brother and that’s what makes the difference. Have you looked at Cruse site regarding the loss of a sibling, it may help. I would also consider counselling, they normally say wait until three months have passed and you have, so think about it, please. There are lots of posts on here from others who have lost a sister or brother and reading how others feel does help you to understand that you are not alone or different and we are always here for you. S xx