I can’t cope

I can’t cope with losing my husband on Christmas Eve. All the things he’s not going to do he loved nature and music and cooking and we’ll never see him again I can’t bear it. Also I have got MS and we hid it from our family he looked after me and I blame myself for the strain it put on him he worked full time as well.


hello juniper19, i’m sorry for your loss and the pain you’re going through. you can think of all the things your husband will no longer be able to experience, or you can remember all the good things he and you experienced during your life together. grief is the final responsibility of loving someone deeply. my heart goes out to you.


my dear @Juniper19 - my goodness - you are so early on in grief, my friend. These are the hardest times of all. I am so sorry your beloved has died - you were so happy together and had so many plans for the future and so much love in the present. It is so hard, I know.

Please try not to feel guilty about the MS - it was not the cause, and it is not your fault. The support you shared together through the MS and in every area of your relationship was rooted in the love you have - and this love goes on.

I hope your Saturday will be ok and that you can chat to your beloved as you potter round the house. That’s what I continue to do with my dearest Tom, who’s love for me is all around, all the time. His second anniversary is coming at me at speed now, so I lean on that love to chase away the memories of the worst of times.

Keep posting, your friends here understand and we are with you; we all walk together on this road xx

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