I can’t stop crying

Hi everything seems to be getting worse . The loneliness is crippling me . It’s been 12 weeks since my husband Alan died and today has been one of the worst days . I’m not really alive . I just force myself to feed my dog and cats , I’ve got no interest in anything . I see my sister and my son came for dinner today , when it was ready I called out “Alan” instead of David and it destroyed me . First time I had done that and it was like he’d just gone . It sounds silly but it was so painfull and I haven’t been right since . No one understands and all I want to do is talk about Alan but no one wants to . I just can’t bear it . I just want him to come back


Hello purplerain….
It’s twelve weeks today since I lost My Alan as well, everything seems to be getting worse and not better I totally understand and yes the loneliness is totally overwhelming….

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Thanks for your reply . It’s been 4months now and I’m afraid I’m getting worse . It’s nice to know I’m not alone and somehow I hope we can get through this . My heart goes out to you and if you want to chat I’m always here for you