I Can't Believe It!

In less than 40 days, it’ll be Christmas… Daughter and I have been through so much, all on our own. 6 long months with birthdays in May, wedding anniversary in June. Projects in July/August that went undone and then engagement anniversary in September followed by what would have been son’s 32nd birthday…

We’ve cleared the clutter that we’d hoped to do so, that’s a plus. Finally today, after trying 5+ charities, we’ve found one that’ll be picking up hubby’s clothing.

No bereavement counseling, no one to talk with daily except me and daughter… That’s been tough! So apps like Skype, WhatsApp and the likes, have been signed out of and uninstalled. There’s no way to brighten the days when you see your notes going unanswered. It’s a moral killer.

Out of tears and fears, we’ve decided that we’ll go ahead and get the decorations up. Hubby wanted it after our son died in early 2017 and we feel hubby now would love to know we’re not wallowing in despair at the Holidays.

A few things have improved. We’ve managed to save money so there’s a wee cushion of safety for emergencies. However, the postal strike has caused havoc’s on important correspondence. Bummer!

Finally, after 3 solid years of harassments and in the midst of an energy crisis, we’re now finding that the previous tenant’s account was never closed before we moved in and we’re receiving “Polite Reminders” that this person’s bill hasn’t been paid and that apparently it’s our responsibility as new tenant to pay that person’s debt.

Frankly, since when? To begin with, we’ve been paying both Gas/Electricity with our long-term provider but what we’ve found out is that in the database, there’s our address in twice.

So, I’ve got to find people who can fix this, but found that this extra energy company (via online reputable site) is a pain to deal with. Ombudsman expect us to wait another 8 weeks after over 3 long years, seriously?

Well, on benefits and trying to make ends meet is difficult enough without having to pay someone’s else bills

If you’ve anything to suggests, I’d appreciate some urgent help. Thanks…

Hello @CDB, that sounds so stressful and difficult.

There is a guide on Stepchange for what to do is you are being pursued for debt that doesn’t belong to you. You can find here: https://www.stepchange.org/debt-info/your-rights/debts-not-in-my-name.aspx

It says,

The important thing to remember is that you are NOT liable for debts owed by someone who lived in your house before you.

Maybe take a look and see if it’s helpful?

I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this on top of the loss of your son and husband.

Take good care,


Thanks @Seaneen. I’ve bookmarked the page. It was an eye opener to hear that there was our address in twice in the energy database from the phone call I had with CAB Energy Helpline. After a false surveyor, where they got my husband’s name then on top of that our ling term provider’s two agent gave us differing suppliers. It’s crazy! If the electricity is with that annoying company then my own provider has been taking the money… Well you know, it’s weird!!! Cheers!


I was going to suggest Citizens Advice but it seems you have already but maybe not their energy advice line but more the advisers themselves. I know all Cabs are different but in the past they have been very helpful to me. Sounds like a rotten problem fo you on top of everything else. Good luck with it all.