I cant cope with the pain

The pain i feel is like im being ripped apart. i see the sadness and pain in my kids’ eyes, just wanting their Dad back, and i can’t fix it for them. Im trying to be strong for them but i feel like im falling apart my husband was only 50 and went so suddenly just over a week ago :broken_heart:


I’m lost my husband who was 56 just 6 weeks ago and the pain is also unbearable. My kids also miss their dad and it breaks my heart to see them so sad and not be able to fix it.
One moment at a time is all you need to hold on to. Use your children’s love to build your strength as you all try to get through this together. I’m praying it will get easier with time and patience- I am trying to accept that I just have to go through the pain in order to get to a place that is less bleak. Sending you lots of love and hugs to help you on your way. We are walking alongside you


@Willo I am so very sorry. I am also in my fifties and lost my husband suddenly two months ago. I feel the same pain and shock as you. It is like being torn in half. I am riding out the pain and praying for finding some joy in life again. I think I can see chinks of light at times particularly when I think of my children’s future and our life together. I am another one alongside you in all this though Xx