I can't cope without my mum

my mum died 7 weeks ago suddenly of an anueyrsm, well before her time, and I’m struggling so much, I have 3 young kids and they’re the only reason I’m still here, I can’t cope, she was my best friend and I only have 1 other friend and I was with her everyday, now I feel lost and life isn’t worth living anymore. I really don’t know how to go on. And her funeral was Friday and it feels like every one I try to talk to, my brother and sister in law, are like you have to accept it, and it will get easier. I just sit at home all day doing nothing go to bed to repeat it. My whole world has been turned upside down, and u can’t see a way forward. I lost a 6 month old daughter in February 2019 and I know it does get easier but i had my mum by my side then, she was my support now I have nothing xx

Hello, the pain from losing mums is horrible and it hurts. It’s early days for you and grief is different for everyone. Your family will all be grieving but all will be processing it different. Take each day as it comes and just try to do normal things but please don’t be hard on yourself. Hang in there because it does get easier but she will always be there at your side, part of you. Take care and please take it slowly. S xx

Thank you for your kind words. My normal things was getting up and going to my mums or going shopping with my mum ect. If I did anything with my kids my mum was always there. Think that’s why its such a struggle as I don’t have that anymore, I suffer with anxiety so can’t work, so I don’t even have that to occupy me. I’ve been so numb and in shock until now, and now the pain is unbearable xx

Hi, I hope you find with grief that you become stronger both physically and mentally, grief does funny things to us humans. I can understand why you feel so much pain but honestly you still have your children and they matter more than anything right. Give them all your love and attention and hopefully the pain will become less over time. The sun was shining here today and it’s made everything look so much better, enjoy going outside with your children and things will improve, Take care and give your children an extra hug from me. S xx

Hi Nade I’m so sorry for your loss.You have been through so much already.My mum was my main support she was the rock of the family.I know how hard it is.I have a 9 year old son and my mother and son were so close.Seven weeks is so early on in your grief.I had a lot of dark days last year after losing my mum.I went through a severe depression and I was finding it hard to be a mum because I just wanted to talk to my mum and ask her for advice about my son and for her just to be here.It does get easier but it does take time.I don’t know if this will help but maybe writing a letter to your mum just saying how your feeling and maybe writing about special times you had together.You could look back on it in the future.It helped me to write how i was feeling down on paper but everyone’s different.I hope you find ways to cope.
Take care x

Hi Nade, i feel the exact same. I don’t know how to live without my mom. It’s been 3 weeks and breathing in this world without her is hell. She was only 58 and had no health issues. She got cardiac arrest and our lives changed in that instant. I am struggling so much. I want to die but i have to live for my dad. But death seems easy to me…

I feel your pain because I’m feeling the same she was my one constant, we were so connected and in tune with each other we knew what each other was thinking and we went through so much together.
I feel very angry atm and I know it’s a wasted emotion I have grieved before so I know you can recover the difference for me is my mum was the person who loved ,guided and supported me, I reply her wise words of wisdom but everything seems so pointless I know it’s early days on the road of grief but it’s just so god dam hard.

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I totally agree with you. I’m going through the same. It’s impossible to live in this world without our mom

How do we go on the pain is so bad I just feel totally lost and alone.X

I cry everyday every hour. I don’t know how to keep going.
Just don’t hurt yourself because she made you. You are her DNA. This is what I keep telling myself.
I am totally broken now… I understand exactly how you feel. Our pain is the same.

I completely understand, I don’t wanna be here but at the same time I don’t wanna do anything as she went through all that pain to have me and sacrificed her life to bring me up! I’m currently clearing her house too which is excruciating! Just wish I could keep all her stuff!

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Yes, they went through so much pain to give birth to us. It’s our duty to not disrespect that.