I can't do it

It’s almost 4 weeks now I lost mom. I am in deep pain. Nothing helps. I’m only 31. Why is this life so unfair. Mom was only 58. She was fit and had no issues. Her regular heart tests were all normal. She still got cardiac arrest and there was no time to even take her to the hospital.
How can this happen! My life is ruined
I know I post here a lot and people are probably fed up but I don’t know what else to do. I m struggling m
Medication and counseling helps for a little but the deep pain is still there and it is unbearable.
I love my mom so much. I am so dependent on her. I don’t know how to live without her. She always cared for others. she was very strong emotionally. The only thing I get from her are the looks but I’m very weak emotionally.
I don’t think I can live in this world without her. I am in a bad state and she is not there to help me.

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I know how hard it is and you know you are not alone, please try to just take little baby steps it is early days and you have such a future. Life without your lovely mum is always going to be hard but honestly you will manage, you are stronger than you know and you have got to think of what your mother would expect from you. Don’t worry about keep posting that’s what we are here for. Blessings being sent. S xx


Thanks Susie. I did take small steps today- played with my two dogs, helped my boyfriend clean his apartment
But the sadness was always there and I don’t expect it to go away. I miss my mumma .

Hi mummas daughter
It is still so early for you in your grief of losing your dear mum, I am coming up to nearly 8 months ( I really can’t believe it’s been that long since i last saw my mum it’s heartbreaking :broken_heart:) you will still be going through all the emotions that losing her brings, I really don’t think you are able to put a time frame of how long you feel so lost, hurt and vulnerable, all I’ve been able to do is cope with each day as it comes, some days are worst than others , no matter how many times people say it will get better or you learn to live with the loss it doesn’t help because each of us have experienced something so raw, its our own loss and coming to terms with it sure isn’t easy we all know our mums wouldn’t want us to be sad but it doesn’t take the pain away, we can only deal with it the way we can in our own time, you will get stronger little by little, day by day, I’ve accepted there is nothing any body can say or do to make this feeling of loss go away, we are all here to help each other along our journey, stay strong, always here for a chat.
Lynn x

Hello to you both, the pain does become less or we kind of get use to it but they say it’s because we loved that it’s there. I am further along this grieving road and I don’t ever expect to lose the way I feel but I also ask myself would I want to. Day by day and then week by week until it’s a month and then a year but my love is still strong and no I wouldn’t want it any other way. Keep smiling and look for the sunshine :sun_with_face: Sxx

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Hi susie 123
Yes your right I do think myself I would sooner live with the sadness if that means in my heart my mum is always going to be with me, I know I can’t ever forget her it’s sometimes the only thing that gets me through a day knowing I’ve accepted the fact that I’m always going to feel like this until I hopefully see her again :two_hearts: take care
Lynn xx

Hi Lynn
It’s unfortunately a relief knowing I am not in this alone. Losing mom is the worst pain possible. It will never go away. I am angry and sad both. Angry that she was only 58, took care of her health and was fit but a cardiac arrest took her from us. She deserved to live. She had so many plans with us. And I am sad/depressed because I have to live without her which seems impossible.
You are right accepting it helps but can we live like this? Can we bear this pain? I might give up soon. All I need is my mom. I need her.
I will welcome my death any day. I can’t harm myself but if death comes I won’t resist and fight to survive.

I sometimes really wonder how our bodies manage to keep going, to think I have felt so emotionally drained every day, cried every day for at least 6 months that your body doesn’t just give out, there are times in the day when I just think, how is my mum not here, how am I living and she isn’t here, I was always nieve to think she would always be here, and I think that’s one reason that I accept that fact that I’ll never accept she is gone,