I can't do this

After losing my dad on Tuesday… I have lost part of me, I dont want to go out, I can’t sleep, I’m just crying all the time. I have so many regrets. I couldn’t see him because of covid…I don’t wanna live with so much anger in me…its awful

Go to Cruse for counselling, talking helps :broken_heart:

My son came back from uni November as his dad wasn’t getting better,
We lost Andy December the 5 th
We were able to hold Andy hands as he passed ,
Tom my son stays in his bedroom eats very little
And breaks down all the time
I am under the doctor now and she is now talking to Tom
So please please get some help if only to scream at someone xxx

I am here if u need to talk, I can’t remember the first few days after I lost my sister, please write on here, to people who are going through similar pain, please don’t suffer alone. Even if it’s to vent, we will try to understand x