I cry to much.

Last year I lost 5 of the closest people to me including my husband. Non died of covid. My husband died suddenly and I cant get over the pain. I cry most times when I’m talking about him. My son says l must talk to some one because I’m not getting over my husband. My mum died to and l feel that I’ve never grieved for her. What do l do.



I dont think we ever ‘get over’ losing our loved ones.

Its 2 and a half years next week since my mum died from a sudden brain haemorrhage.

I’ve only stopped crying regularly in the last few months and I’m just able to start listening to a bit of music again. I cant do shops with xmas music playing and I think of her 24/7

Your losses were only last year. It’s still such a short time.

Cheryl x


I’m so sorry Babs. To lose your husband suddenly is traumatic enough, but to lose five people you are close to is unbearable. I have struggled with my Mum’s death and I have signed up for the Sue Ryder online counselling. I had my assessment 2 days ago, and honestly it was a sheer relief to talk to someone outside of friends and family. I wasn’t sure if counselling was for me, but it was easy to arrange and I felt quite safe being vulnerable and sharing my feelings - not normally how I am. Sometimes we just need a little help to move forward.

Plus, can’t recommend this forum enough. There will be people on here you will just chime with, who get what you are going through.

See you (virtually) on Christmas Eve, Babs, Kx

Hi Babs, yes, we never truly get over losing our loved ones and I am sure your son still misses his dad it just that he won’t want you to cry. We all cry and I am further down the road and I still cry.
It’s your choice to have counselling and no one else can make that decision for you. There’s both Cruse and Sue Ryder, they are both free and normally do 6 sessions to start. Otherwise it’s private which I don’t know anything about.

Please remember it’s up to you what you do but both are excellent. Take care of yourself. S xx

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