I did it.

Well, I did it I got through the first Christmas day without my husband who I lost a few weeks ago. It was far from easy I always got up first on a Christmas morning and go out and do the animals then would come back indoors to a cup of tea waiting for me the tree lights on and a Christmas kiss. Went out and sorted the animals out, came back and went to pieces no cup of tea, no tree lights and no soulmate waiting for me, it bought the pain all flooding back cried more than I thought I ever could but I am still here and just taking every minute as it comes.


It’s soul destroying, I feel the same way and actually it’s very hard managing all the tasks alone especially feeling that life is so meaningless but like you say keep plodding on hugs to everyone xx


Yes my first Christmas to without my son , who’s birthday is Christmas Day , only got through with wine tho , don’t know how I am going to cope with 2022, the pain is too much, how do we cope?
Sending love to all those who are struggling . Jss xx


I know the feeling, I lost my wife on the 21st December 2021 and so this has been a very lonely Christmas. I even did enough food for the two of us. I’m hoping over time it’ll get better but we’ll always miss our loved ones, just remember all the good times you shared.

Take care.