I don’t cope with change

I’m finding it difficult at the moment and have just received a text that’s yoga class will be moving venue. I have only just got used to the last change. It’s filled me with anxiety. I will have to dig deep x


Hi @Nel,
I think we all get anxious with change, it’s because it’s something unknown, but don’t worry, it also means an opportunity for something better.

@Nel you faced the biggest change of your life in losing your partner, you’ve faced change everyday since then. I’m not surprised you don’t like it but I bet you can handle it with your eyes closed after all the change you have coped with.
Good luck with the new venue.

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Oh I do so agree.
I too hate change, unexpected things. I can’t handle it. I need safe routines. Anything outside of that I just don’t want to do.
I was never like that before. I embraced change.

But agree with @Ali29 so much too. We have faced, and cope with the biggest change in our lives every single day.

Maybe that’s it. Sometimes these other little changes, are just one too many.
And it’s these challenges that maybe seem little to everyone else, but are huge to us.

You’ll find a way to cope and manage it

Big hugs :hugs: :hugs::hugs:

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